Frank Palma Gomez

I graduated from CUNY in 2022 with a BA in Computer Science. Since then, I've been a student researcher at Google Research. I've boardly worked on different topics in NLP (i.e educational NLP, translation, retrieval, etc.) and I continue to be interested in creating data driven language technologies that have practical use cases in the world.

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Transforming LLMs into Cross-modal and Cross-lingual Retrieval Systems
Frank Palma Gomez, Ramon Sanabria, Yunhsuan Sung, Daniel Cer, Siddharth Dalmia, Gustavo Hernandez Abrego

Multi-Reference Benchmarks for Russian Grammatical Error Correction
Frank Palma Gomez and Alla Rozovskaya
EACL 2024

Using Neural Machine Translation for Generating Diverse Challenging Exercises for Language Learners
Frank Palma Gomez, Subhadarshi Panda, Michael Flor, and Alla Rozovskaya
ACL 2023
Paper Poster

A Low-Resource Approach to the Grammatical Error Correction of Ukrainian
Frank Palma Gomez, Alla Rozovskaya, and Dan Roth
UNLP at EACL 2023

Automatic Generation of Distractors for Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises with Round-Trip Neural Machine Translation.
Subhadarshi Panda, Frank Palma Gomez, Michael Flor, and Alla Rozovskaya
ACL SRW 2022
Paper Poster

Societies within peace systems avoid war and build positive intergroup relationships
Douglas P. Fry, Geneviève Souillac, Larry Liebovitch, Peter T. Coleman, Kane Agan, Elliot Nicholson-Cox, Dani Mason, Frank Palma Gomez, Susie Strauss
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 2021